Monday, 25 February 2013

A Game for Men with Odd Shaped Balls

The first forty eight years of my life have been bereft for it has only been this weekend that I have discovered what a joyous sport rugby is.  My Damascus moment came when I visited my friend, the Pirate, an ex-player himself at the beginning of the Six Nations England vs. France game on Saturday.  He explained the rules as we watched the first half and voila! I am totally hooked.

It's the tactical nature of  play coupled with the delight of seeing  a load of blokes throwing themselves around just like in the old days when I used to watch Mick McManus, Big Daddy and Jackie Pallo on Saturday afternoon wresting with Papa Lovelygrey as a kid.   Only these guys are in a different league.  Gorgeous torsos and legs abound;  Even most of the commentators are both literate and hot..  What's there not to like!

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