Saturday, 23 February 2013

After Andorra

Back home just past midnight from a really fantastic holiday but strike a light!  Good old Blighty is way colder than the ski resort.  At 2560 metres on top of a mountain  it was warm enough to wear just a T-shirt and waterproof outers whereas here Louis and I huddled together in my bed (altitude approx 160m) with  extra blankets wearing sweatshirts and jogging bottoms.  I couldn't get the central heating on in the wee hours of the morning to take the very marked chill off Lovelygrey Cottage so we had to snuggle.  Happily it's back on now and I've popped out to stock up extra  frugally on groceries and petrol leaving me with about eighty pence until payday!  This jetsetting is an expensive old business.  Still, I collected a batch of new library books while out, there's now six pints of semi skimmed for plentiful tea and I'm experimenting with music I've never listened to on Spotify.  I have to say that I'm as happy as Larry whoever he was.

And so what now?  Against all sensible advice I've been skiing at a low point of fitness but come back perkier than for a long time. That extra sleep and hurtling downhill have been  godsends. And even with the temptations of buffet breakfasts and suppers my diet was healthier than it has been for a while. I didn't overdo it on the pud course and achieving five a day was a breeze.  Now that the days are getting lighter it might be easier to fit in some evening exercise in the form of a stroll or cycle and  the fridge is now stocked up with some life enhancing food rather than the naughty junk that it held before.  It also feels like the right time to recommence my 5:2 fasting.   And my head is buzzing, buzzing with more good ideas than I can shake a stick at.  I've just got to work out how to put them in a sensible order so they can be acted upon.

Wow! All this positivity seems just the right note on which to end a holiday.    Lets see if I remain this chipper after a day at work on Monday!

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