Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Blagging My Books

This is photographic evidence of why books were included among the purchases that I banned for the year when I devised my 2013 rules to govern spending.  This is my stash of unread stuff that's in my bedside storage table.  It has a 20x20x12 inch volume and is in danger of blowing its top.

That's not to say that the number unread is going down.  Red Mel gave me three last week and another friend, the Pirate, gifted  The Snowman by Jo Nesbo.   Now thriller is not usually my genre but it comes so highly recommended by him and my other chum, Salty Dog, that I thought I'd give it a whirl if fancy ever takes me.

There was a savvy lady on Woman's Hour who was never going to buy clothes again.  But can I find her name in the limited time I have before breakfast?  Hell no!  If one of you other bloggers with more time can tell me I'd be very grateful.  Anyway she is even refusing gifts of new garments from kind friends.  Not me though.  I'm even going one step further and dropping ultra heavy lead weight-like hints.  My plea for Wahaca and River Cottage Veg has been fruitful.  Thanks siblings both!  Now does anyone want to buy me 66 North's Thorsmork Parka as I'm not allowed to stump up for it myself.  It's a mere snip at 525 Euros!


  1. Is th it?

  2. My bedside table is the same. My 2013 book buying ban is going well too, although I'm having similar problems to you with not whittling down the number of unread or half finished books!!

    Trying again - less cryptic this time!
    Hopefully this is the link to the Radio 4 programme you want.

  4. I swopped to a kindle last year, no one can view the amount waiting to be read !