Thursday, 14 February 2013

Day 2:Lent

Did you remember that yesterday was  Ash Wednesday, the start of Lent.  Or if you did, has that forbidden chocolate or glass of something a little stronger than you'd intended already slipped down your throat?  Well, never mind about that.  I've a better idea than abstinence pinched in its entirely from the blog of Mortgage Free in Three that you can start a day late if you like.  Hang those rules!  They don't really matter all that much.

This thrifty mum of two has suggested that rather than 'Giving Up Something' for Lent, why not make it a 'Taking Up Something' year instead.  Good one!  At the risk of being seen as an outright copycat I've decided to join her in re-instating daily meditation to kickstart a habit that really is rather beneficial.  Six minutes yesterday fitted in right before bedtime.  Yet another busy, busy day today as  it's the last one before  annual leave,  a  school disco tonight and packing to do.  It'll really be a challenge to find a moment to fit in a moment of contemplation but the challenge is on and I'll do it!

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