Thursday, 28 February 2013

Decluttered Time

Mmmmm......I'm dreaming of a life that's less structured.  An escape from regular 9-5 employment is a dream that I'm beavering away on behind the scenes but actual instigation of my plan may be a little way ahead.  However there's good progress  being made in de-regimenting my leisure life, if that's a real word.   In case it's not, let me explain what I mean by this.

I was finding regular out of work engagements particularly stressful,  a rather stupid state of affairs particularly as loads of these activities were supposed to be enjoyable.   The idea of, say, signing up to a twelve or twenty session weekly class of yoga or a craft activity was exciting and invigorating but the reality was different.  Either I'd be  totally exhausted before the class had even started  or  would find my physical and mental stamina would leave me half way through the session.  It was a situation that wasn't really conducive to productive learning or self actualisation, the loftiest of the needs that Maslow identified.

So now I've largely cleared my calendar of those regular events for both me and Lou.  Cubs on Tuesday  remains but all other activities outside work are random.  A weekend away here, a  day long course there or a bit of one off volunteering.  Lou attends ski club at Plymouth on a Saturday but he doesn't have to sign his life away.  We go when we fancy.  Yesterday I swam after work but  it's unlikely that I'll be doing the same thing at the same time next week.  The light levels are improving so perhaps in seven days there'll be enough minutes after work to fit in a short cycle or a potter in the garden.  Who knows?

The consequence of this  could have been that there's more time available for slobbing around, eating crisps and watching TV.  But not a bit of it.  As a consequence of not having the mental weight of a myriad of commitments bearing down on me the early signs are that I am far more energised and productive.


  1. I know what you mean. I have given up walking one dog because I was having to fit in with someone else's calendar. My hobby was turning into a job, which is what I don't need. I love random, and spontaneity. No pressure to be somewhere at a specified time. Occasionally I slip into slob mode, but not for very long. After all, it's my choice whether I slob or not.

  2. An inspiring post, I have two children and seem to spend most evenings dropping off or picking up from various activities. Maybe it's time to check how many of these activities they really enjoy and want to continue going to. Really enjoy reading your blog. Thank you for sharing Louise

  3. So true, we rush from one thing to another. I thought in retirement I would do more of this but I have cancelled everything really and it is such a complete joy and relief to do so. I still have a walking buddy but apart from that no commitments of any kind.
    It definitely improved my life to be under no time constraints and obligations that I did nt really want.