Friday, 1 February 2013

Hugh's Stuffed Squash

Do you remember my Riverford squash box that I bought back in October?  Well, these autumnal fruits stored very well and  I only used up the last of these 'proud beauties' on Wednesday.  This  innuendo fuelled expression, a favourite of Nigella, always tickles Mr Metrosexual, whose humour is as 'Carry On' film inspired as it gets!

My latest library jaunt yielded River Cottage Veg Every Day!, a book that I covet hugely but am not allowed to buy because of my 2013 rules.  Never fear, my lovely bro', Paul Bernard Harris  has offered to gift it to me on my birthday.  There's nearly always a way round pesky laws!  If any other family member feels flush around April time and is reading this, here's a heavy hint for  Wahaca - Mexican Food at Home by Thomasina Miers!

To prove that glossy cookbooks don't just decorate the coffee table in this house,  I delved into Hugh's fabulous veggie bible and came up with my own version of his easy-peasy stuffed squash and leeks.  I was going to reproduce the recipe but I've found an online rendition from Channel 4's website to save me the effort.   Instead of the creme fraiche that the original calls for I used up half a tub of cream that I had in the fridge.  Vintage cheddar replaced the Gruyere and naughty, naughty, I add a few cubes of chorizo when frying the leeks.  No-one would guess that I had a meat free diet a few years ago.

Just remember to sharpen your knife before commencing prep.  And don't get carried away and carve a face in the side of your squash.  It's not Halloween and if you do, the filling will spill all over the baking tray!

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