Sunday, 17 February 2013

In Gaudi's Garden and Beyond

Lou and I  had such a lovely day yesterday even though there was  a lot of travelling involved.  But if the bulk of the  journey is through the foothills of the Pyrenees it's ain't half bad.  Here's how we kicked off with breakfast in the hotel.   Who says that cold meats and chocolate doughnut don't make a balanced nutritional buffet meal?

And so on, via train and bus to Parc Guell at the top of a ruddy great hill in the suburbs of Barcelona.  You know when somewhere's a tourist spot of world importance.  Hey presto! the Japanese appear en masse.  This paradise devised by Gaudi is my kind of place.  Mosaics, surprises around each corner and a shedload of street performers....

...including this guy who scared the heebie jeebies out of Lou when he finally moved!

Then things took a surreal turn.  But hey! We are in Catalunya.  Louis decided that he wanted to have his picture taken with as many cops as possible.  So here's some we encountered in Central Barcelona.

 ...and another at Sants railway station......

....and an undercover shot that he took on another platform.

Lou's shots got a bit more traditional on the way to Andorra.  The scenery was the dog's danglies.  But no snow scenes yet.  You'll have to wait until later on in the week for those.  But they will come though.  After all this is a skiing holiday!

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