Friday, 22 February 2013

Just Finished Reading: How to Worry Less About Money

The title of this post just seems to beggar a thrifty tip and here's one from Carolina, my instructor who's the longest serving Brit at the ski school in Soldeu.  She's put in an amazing thirty odd years here and is as fit as a butcher's dog in spite of being of an age where many women would give up hard physical exercise and take up something a little less action packed like flower arranging or bridge.  Maybe she does these activities as well.  I wouldn't put it past her.

The lovely Carolina came up with a cheap and useful tip for Pete in our class whose bony ankles were rubbing against his boots.  She advised him to buy a couple of bath sponges and cut away the middles.  Voila!  Pain free progress down the slopes.  I took inspiration from her hardware store based advice and knocked up a couple of arch supports from a couple of Vileda cloths.  For any amateur  podiatrists out there who want to create something a bit more fancy  just type into 'Homemade Orthotics' into Google for some really imaginative ideas!

Whoah!  I'm way off track from what is supposed to be a book review.   How to Worry Less About Money  
won't give you any nifty ideas like the one above nor will it be of much help for those who have money troubles such as inordinate amounts of debt.  There's other self help material out there covering these themes. The approach of this book is much more philosophical.  Drawing on case studies, the works of great thinkers of the past and case studies  it explores is our relationship to money, with all the emotional baggage that this might entail and the meaning attached to it.   It's good stuff.  Just ignore the fact if you live outside major conurbations that the 'needs'  of inhabitants of the world richer cities seem to be vastly in excess of us straw sucking yokels.  It still contains a lot of food for thought. 

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