Friday, 8 February 2013

Just Hanging Out

Photo: National  Geographic
What should have been a quick pick up of an ailing day surgery patient turned into a major muddle and I spent five hours waiting around at Derriford Hospital yesterday.  Because of the inordinate amount of time there I've posted this under a 'Days Out in Devon' tag although not one that comes highly recommended!
 It wasn't all bad.  I enjoyed a rare coffee shop visit, an everyday occurence for many in the western world but a rare treat for me and bought myself a rather good americano with milk.   Then I hit the waiting room and discovered a pile of National Geographic magazines with enough material for at least a couple of blog posts.

So, here's the first.  I've written about outdoor living before especially in the context of that snuggly halfway point between extreme home comfort and roughing it, my motorhome.  Then there was the beautiful Opera trailer tent  which I thought represented the ultimate in miniature living.   For sheer minimalism though, this Portaledge pitched in Yosemite park takes the biscuit.  More basic maybe but as the article writer says there's I-phones charged by a solar panel and a French press coffee machine in there.  Of course, the view to die for goes without saying.

What I've subsequently learned is  that you can read rather a lot of the National Geographic's articles online without forking out a fortune for the glossy paper edition.  I'm so impressed that a link has been added to my bookmark's toolbar   All the amazing photos that go with them can be marvelled at too so here's another shortcut to the art store where you can buy prints to hang on the wall to perhaps inspire you to go off and have a few adventures of your own!

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