Thursday, 7 February 2013

Lovelygrey: Not Just Arty Farty

Careers education in the 1970s and 80s was laughable - provided at one educational establishment I attended by a smoking lady with a wet smelly dog, more interested in bonios and cigarettes than dispensing advice to mould a youngster's future.  I'm not in the habit of thinking about how things might have been different if I'd taken a different path but if I'd been properly informed I might have done something that harnessed both my artistic and scientific side  at an earlier stage in life.  I might have been an architect, just as happy on site with a hard helmet as at my drawing board.  Or perhaps civil engineering would have caught my fancy and I could have had the pleasure of  marvelling  that latest curvy bridge connecting two pieces of land was one of my own.  I may even have hit on occupational therapy the first time round and not have had to undergo a mid-life career change.

So it is that I still have an interest in technology and find myself marvelling at this tiny motor created by 100 engineers at Dyson to power the company's new water-air tap.  0-100,000 revolutions in 0.7  seconds and a weanie computer chip in there making 6,000 adjustments a second to obtain optimum efficiency.  I am in awe of those clever people who've created this tiny masterpiece that's also heavily appeals to my aesthetic side in cross section too!

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  1. And the sixties were even worse. Class came into it too. I should probably have been a doctor instead I still practice as a podiatrist. Love my work but I could have been so much more