Thursday, 21 February 2013

Skype is My Friend

Well how the devil is everyone in the big wide world today?  Our day has gone swimmingly except for the fact that I woke up and my left cruciate-less knee was a bit sore.  It may have been that I overdid it on the slopes but throwing myself around the dance floor at the kid's disco in the village  yesterday evening might also have played a part.  As such I wimped out of ski school with the blessing of my teacher, drank hot chocolate and beer, gazed at the beautiful mountain scenery and tackled a very easy run at an extraordinarily leisurely rate.

There was free Wi-Fi in the lift top cafe which I became my base so I made a bit use of it.  However I am not connected  all the time to the Internet nor am I making liberal use of the international phone network.  Maybe it's because Andorra is outside the EU that mobile calls cost a staggering £1.50 a minute.  I dread to think what data charges could amount to, so the roaming function on my phone is firmly in the off mode to avoid ruinous charges when I get my next statement.  Thank goodness for these little pockets of connectivity like the one in the public areas of the hotel and especially for Skype that I'm using when online.  At an amazing 1.5-ish pence a minute I could even afford to surprise Mama and Papa Lovelygrey will a surprise call the other day!

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