Saturday, 9 February 2013

This Fat Bastard is Eating All the Pies

Ideally I'd love to cook and bake everything that I eat from scratch and have to say that I do a reasonable job.  It might even be entirely possible if I were childless.  Even beyond the rug rat stage Louis  takes up a lot of the time outside my full-time job.  So my super mum skills are flawed a little as I sometimes put ready made food on the table, though I hasten to add that nothing by Findus has crossed the doorstep of Lovelygrey Cottage ever.

I do have a passion for these Pieminster pies though.  The pastry is amazingly light and the fillings are gorgeous.   There's lots of meaty ones and the Heidi, a vegetarian offering filled with cheese, potato, spinach and onion. The Pietanic is my favourite  filled with haddock, salmon, pollock and prawns.  Not a horse in sight!

They're a premium product and as such command a hefty price, just under £3.50 for an individual, albeit greedy person's pie.  I can't justify this cost especially one there's two of us eating so I'm reliant on the fact that rich people haven't completely discovered these delicious delicacies;  Perhaps they're  too busy eating sushi?  Anyway there's a few in the chill cabinet reduced section fairly regularly and  I stock up then.  On a lucky day I can snaffle a pie for £1.20!

To show my appreciation for this prizewinning product,  I've now joined Pieminster's V.I Pie Club.  Fingers crossed  and I might win a pie selection box to satisfy my pastry addiction in one of their draws!

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