Saturday, 2 February 2013

Those Naughty Ehrman People

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The 2013 rules prohibit buying craft stuff except under the extenuating circumstances of needing materials to finish an existing project. So the other day I forked out about £1.29 to buy some not very exciting but necessary grout to complete my mosaic robin.  There should be enough over for his kingfisher chum and a table top that hopefully will be brewing later in the year.

But if I wasn't being a good girl, I'd be sorely tempted to buy this early bird cushion from Ehrman Tapestry.  These naughty temptors mailshot me whenever they've got a sale and there's always something that takes my fancy.

But I'll desist.  Two years in, my flowery Anchor kit is getting closer to   completion  in spite of the delay caused by lack of interest in executing the design and poor light levels hampering winter progress. Then there's another four more interesting needlepoint projects stored away on my shelves.   Plenty to be getting on with methinks!  So for now, I'll just share the fact that there are beautiful reduced priced kits on offer for those of you who haven't got a stash of crafting supplies and really do need something beautifuly to get their teeth stuck into.


  1. You are not doing too badly, I have an unfinished tapestry cushion I started in 1987!

  2. I have a completed still to be cushion from 1992.......