Monday, 18 February 2013

What Makes a Good Lovelygrey Holiday

  • Moderate daily exercise in the open air whether it be swimming, cycling, skiing or walking. 
  • Great scenery.  Mountains or coastline will do nicely.  Give me both and I’m as happy as the biggest piggy in a pile of poo that you’ve ever come across.
  • A big pile of books and plenty of moments to read them.
  • A mixture of quality conversation and activity with the little man with a bit of time to myself.  I achieve this by planning to stop at places where we’re bound to meet other kids.
  • Meeting friendly and interesting people on our travels.  We’re good at this as we both love to chat.
  • Eating good food whether it be perfectly ripened Mediterranean tomatoes, a perfectly cooked fried breakfast egg or those very occasional meals out.  That’ll usually have seafood involved if we’re by the shore.
  • A tipple or two…..oh okay I’ve been caught out.  It’s usually three!
  • A snooze after lunch if I fancy one.   Often this ma be related to the previous item on the list.
  • Somewhere comfy to slouch around for a couple of hours of so in the  day.  A good mattress at night. The hotel I’m staying in is great for this but so is the motorhome.
  • That rare chance  that I don’t have during a normal working week to contemplate my navel.

Note that my list doesn’t include  pampering, a vast new holiday wardrobe or very much shopping at all.  These are components of holidays that many view as totally and utterly essential but I  readily forego.   Nor is there a never ending stream of visits to attractions  that demand an entrance fee.  Skiing is my annual high cost exception and I do stump up to get into places that really take my fancy.  Had we have had more time in Barcelona …….. would have worked its way into this category but I adore the challenge of finding free things to do whether we go.   With this thrifty approach I get to satisfy my  vast wanderlust and head off for pastures both new and  much loved way more often than most others in similar financial circumstances.  

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