Monday, 4 February 2013

Wheeling Dealing Whizz Kid

The latest exhibition, Get Fresh, at Devon Guild of Crafts in Bovey Tracey is a cracker showcasing work by emerging makers.  Louis, Red Mel and I visited yesterday and I'm pleased to say I have a nascent art appreciator under my wing.  Louis was particularly taken with 'Flow' a piece of kiln fused glass by Paul Stopler.  It's the one on the left.   Even his finely honed negotiating skills weren't enough to knock it down from its asking price of £2,050 to the fiver that he'd had as pocket money the day before.

He had better luck when sweetie buying though.  It's the second time in the space of a month he's  haggled successfully in the context of confectionery.

The first time was in a lovely old fashioned shop in the Midlands where he'd been given a pound for sweets. The ones in the big jar came in at 90p per 100g and after he'd picked and mixed a selection of these, he had 10p over.  Batting his luscious eyelashes he managed to persuade the shop assistant to chucking a fifteen pence lolly in the bag in exchange for his leftover change.

Yesterday he had £1.50 to spend on sugary treats.  His sweet tooth was intent on a bag of rather grown-up Cadbury's Eclairs for a pound and a kind of junky plastic one-eyed bandit containing candy for 99p.  Blow me down if he didn't succeed in reaching a deal there too.  I'm sure he was a Middle Eastern market trader in a past life!

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