Friday, 29 March 2013

10 Today!

It really is a decade ago that my lovely Louis reluctantly appeared after three long days of labour.  He was very quiet for about twenty four hours.  It was the shock of leaving a cosy mummy tummy I suppose.  Then he found his voice  and hasn't stopped making a noise since!

I've kept to my 2013 rule about no purchases of wrapping paper.  The gift wrap and frippery that for his presents was left over from Christmas.  If you look closely each gold circle represents a bauble but is an excited child going to scrutinise the design before tearing off  the paper to get at what's inside each parcel?  There may be a small minority but mine certainly won't notice. After all there are Xbox games to be had!

The card is a product of the printing course that I went on.  What I like about this new found craft is the ability to duplicate work.  Once a linocut is produced there's so much potential to make personal home made gifts for friends and family again and again!

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  1. My oldest son was born 22 years ago today and it was Good Friday that year.

    A co-worker had her first son that day as well, so we both have 22yo. Yet another co-worker gave birth to her seven year old son on the same date.

    Haven't met anyone with a daughter born on that date!