Monday, 11 March 2013

A Singing Heart at the Start of the Week

Here's one that befits a Monday post for it is the day  that is widely known to be the worst for many of the working population.   But let me help you start your week with something uplifting.   I do try my level best to spread feelings of peace and kindness except, that is, when I'm  in a bad mood. Then the pins and the voodoo dolls just have to come out!

I stumbled upon this Bryson Andres video on Saturday and I hope that it instills the same sense of joy as you watch and listen as it did for me.  According to Andres himself street performance is a way of inspiring people without them having to pay for something beautiful.   Don't you just love this attitude?  It's poles apart from that of the big name upstart who  expected star struck school kids to pay through the nose for concert tickets and merchandise and and then  thought he had the right make them wait around  whilst he finished his sulk and whatever level he was playing on a video game. I'm not even one of the parents who were at the O2 and I'm fuming!  Pass me my badly hewn plasticine Justin Bieber and my sewing basket right and I'll dig out the  pin cushion?  All feelings of bonhommie and peace have well and truly departed.

Ah!  they're back again now as I've just listened to this incredibly moving rendition of One Republic's Secrets again.  Love and peace reigneth once more.  What I love is  the ability of  this extraordinarily talented artist  to bring radiance with his slightly oriental sounding music into what seems to be a candidate for the most humdrum, souless shopping street in the world.  I understand that Bryson Andres tours the US busking.  Let's hope that wanderlust brings him over to the UK soon.

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