Sunday, 3 March 2013


Since I've discovered the Guardian crossword online a few months back I've been enjoying a bit of word finding fun most mornings with the day's first dose of caffeine. Even on Sunday's when there's no quick version  published I'm sorted.  There's an immense library of over 13,000 from back issues of the newspaper that I haven't yet completed. A special function suits my lazy state at that time of day.  When I've come up with each solution I don't have to type it in.  Oh no!  I click on the word 'Cheat' and the magic pixie that lives in my computer fills in the squares for me.  Superb!

This shortcut is only used for its real purpose in absolute emergencies when I'm totally and utterly stumped. and are often my first ports of call when I'm struggling for an answer.  And then sometimes I'll go off on a proper full blown trawl around the Internet.  It's not often that Google in combination with Wikipedia let me down.

So do I see this process as unsportsmanlike?  It certainly would be if crossword solving was a game for multiple players held in exam-like conditions.  But it's each to their own.  I know many people ponder on clues throughout the day hoping for that lightbulb moment when all is revealed but not me.  It's a quick and dirty affair that's down and dusted by the time that I can see the bottom of my T.G Green mug (£4 charity shop find).  What I like is the pleasure of discovering new words and facts.  Did you know that the Blue Whale is part of a family called rorquals, so named because it's derived from the Norwegian for furrow describing the folds on their chinny chin chins?


  1. Thanks for the crossword link - can see this may become my morning addiction with a cuppa too.

  2. 13 000 backed up crosswords that you haven't yet completed? Slacker!