Friday, 22 March 2013

Cleaning Clothie

A quick one this morning.  I've woken late again but put it down to a minor lurgy that's causing one blocked ear and some snuffles.  'It's nature's way of getting rid of the body's toxins.' I've told the crew at work as they reach for their  multitude of cold cures.  'Just let the cleansing begin!'.  Their over reliance on Night Nurse and Sudafed is really rather worrying.

This follows on nicely from yesterday's post about Lou's sleeping habits.  When I was pregnant I wished for my baby to form a secure and loving bond with a cute monster defeating bear who could be his friend through thick and thin.  Instead he still insists, that after Mum and Dad, his muslins from babyhood 'clothies' as they're known are the third most important thing in his life.  They're grey, smelly, raggedly and entirely unphotogenic and boy, do I get a telling off when I sneak them into the washing machine!

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