Saturday, 30 March 2013

Dame Hannah's Boat

Here's my latest rather exciting impulse purchase!  I'm not allowing myself to buy decorative items to adorn shelves or tables in 2013, although  I have strayed once with the Hornsea Pig that I couldn't bear to leave in the charity shop where I found him.  I've made room on a side table but there are few horizontal surfaces that need any more adornment at Lovelygrey Cottage.  There is space for wall art though  and when I spied this in the gorgeous Brand H shop in Newton Abbot, I just had to have it!  Don't I just sound like Viv Nicholson?  If you don't know who she is, follow the link for a very cautionary tale.

This lovely multi-media boat set me back twenty pounds and its acquisition can be justified by the fact that it is my birthday in a couple of days.  What's  rather special about it is that is was made in one of the Dame Hannah Rogers workshops for people with special needs.  I've written about this organisation, that exists to empower those with disabilities before.  Their campus at Seale Hayne, near Newton Abbot is a brilliant place to visit.  It's a tribute to social enterprise and inclusion, a great place, for lunch, courses, shopping for crafts and strolling around.    I'm pretty sure that my brilliant find, that now cheers up my living room,  is a product of the HannahArt group,  where people with disabilities meet weekly to create wonderful stuff which is often for sale in their on site shop.  I've been rather tempted by a clock of theirs in the past but have enough timepieces.   Their work is a brilliant demonstration of how anyone, anywhere can produce pieces of art that can be loved and treasured.

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