Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Great Balls of Paper!

2013 is turning out to be a much better crafting year than the last.  The creative fairy, who is the spit of Kirstie Allsopp  but tinier, has so far granted my not unreasonable wish to complete a project every month. In January it was my mosaic robin.  I modified him to show off his plumage to better effect.  I wasn't happy with the colour of the grout I'd used so I dipped him in a container of black poster paint.  A messy old process but I'm far happier with the end product
Swiftly moving on we come to  February which yielded spoils from a printing workshop.  Now we're not even halfway through March and I've already finished a project.  Even more impressive is the fact that my Kusudama flower was, with a concerted push, nearly completed in just one evening!

I'm rather drawn to papercraft at the current time. One of the reasons for this is that some rather impressive stuff can be made for nothing or, at least hardly any money at all.  That's got to be good in these hard times.  I came across this project on StumbleUpon.  Alas, the post with the instructions seems to have disappeared in the ether but  I've found this one instead.  Ignore the warning at the end of the tutorial dissuading beginners from making one.  I've never done origami and even though I have klutz-like tendencies of the highest order it was absolutely fine.   My modus operandum was a rather factory like process.  I cut 60 squares of paper, then made 60 petals then 12 flowers and then stuck them all together.  Next time round I'll complete the ball as I go along.   It'll help me retain interest and will probably result in a neater finish.

So will there be a next time?  Oh yes indeedy!  My first ball made from 15 sheets of A4 printer paper easily fits into the palm of my hand.  I plan a bigger version  with each petal made from one sheet of A4 squared off.  My thoughts are even turning to an enormous version made from entire double spreads of  a broadsheet newspaper.  A Financial Times pink version would be good!

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