Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Happy Happiness Day!

Did you know that today is the UN's First International Day of Happiness?  Ha!  I bet you won't find a card in Clintons to mark it yet though.  I've had a quick peep on the BBC news frontpage and it doesn't mention the occasion.  So who wins the award for the scoop of the day then!

The General Assembly of the United Nation  declared the day as it recognised that happiness and well-being should be universal goals and aspirations in the lives of the world's citizens and that this should be reflected in policy making.   Remember that in your budget speech today Mr Osborne.  But that doesn't mean the day is just for big wigs in power.  Individuals can join in too.  Whoopee!  If you usually err on the side of cruelness instead or are just  a compassionate soul who's stuck for ideas, go to the website of Action for Happiness.  These fellas will sort you out!

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