Friday, 1 March 2013

How Much!

The best hot chocolate that I've ever had was in a mountain chalet in Italy whilst walking the Tour Mont Blanc.  By the way my most memorable pasta meal was to be had there too.  It came out wrapped in foil, en papilote, as the French say but I've now just learnt that al cartoccio is the Italian term for the same process.    It would be very crass to compare Options Belgian Chocolate to the cup of lovingly prepared gorgeousness that I consumed whilst taking in the Alpine scenery but it ain't half bad especially as it comes in at only forty calories a mug.

I discovered it when I visited someone's home on one of my work visits and it was proffered instead of the usual tea or coffee.   Usual that is unless someone is suffering from severe depression.  Those poor loves are often so wrapped up in their own horrific little world that they don't offer visitors a drink until they're getting well again.  This is a fact that dawned on me when I came home so parched that my mouth resembled a particularly rough grade of sandpaper after visiting four of them in a row.  I see the resumption of usual civilities and the offer of a nice cuppa, or a dainty bone china teacup as befits the posh South Hams, as a sign of recovery.

My new indulgence is a bit expensive though £3.19 for a twenty portion jar.  That totally negates the saving on other grocery items, for example that bargain box of Asda Smartprice Bran Flakes.  88p for a big 750g packet, less than the third of a price of its branded counterpart.  Call me a philistine but I can't tell the difference!   The hefty price tag got me  of my new choccy woccy indulgence got me wondering.  Is there a website where I can stick the name of more expensive items in my shop and Boing!  - out will come where I can buy it at the cheapest price?

Yes there is;  does the trick.  If I rush down to Tesco before Sunday I can stockpile supplies to make my new bedtime beverage for just  £1.59 a jar.  It'll stretch the storage capacity of my little kitchen but will be worth it!  Because I normally write this post before breakfast extensive research is out of the question so I haven't investigated this website further. It looks great but isn't completely comprehensive. For example, it won't help me satisfy  my Pieminster pie addiction  at a knockdown price  as they're not featured but hey! I'll admit that's a bit specialist.  Anyway I picked up two 'Heidis', a vegetarian version in the reduced section at the Coop yesterday so I'm sorted for now.  So, I'll leave you  with some homework.  Feed in those expensive items on your own lists into the search engine to see if it reveals where savings specific to your own shop are to be had!

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  1. At that price I would buy four cannisters and would hide them under the bed (nothing to say you have to keep them in the kitchen)
    I buy generic porridge oats and cannot tell the difference between them and Quaker either before or after cooking, I dont think they have generic oat fields and Quaker oat fields do they.
    I dont buy many processed foods at all so dont know if the website would be good for me.
    We have all the sales flyers from all the different supermarkets on line so I usually look at them.
    Always on the lookout for half price butter.