Friday, 15 March 2013

I Need £1,650!

It's highly dangerous leaving my office and going for a wander in Totnes High Street at lunchtime.  The town, that prides itself on being a haven for independent retailers and the victor in the Battle against Costa is quite top end when it comes to a shopping experience. True there's a Peacocks but that's pretty much it for budget retailers.   What's in many of the other shops is highly covetable fair for a lover of original and quality stuff.

The art gallery White Space is particularly tempting.  In one of my early posts I show Mark Hall's lovely bronze chestnuts that I snapped in their window. That sound's a bit rude doesn't it?  But enough of the innuendo.   This is meant to be an aesthetic offering.

What arrested my step the other day was this gorgeous calming watercolour   'Sands and Islands' by David Brayne.   I haven't stopped thinking about it since I saw it. Money is tight at the moment.  My motorhome needs a service and more importantly I haven't even got a bed after physics intervened.  Plus the fact that I'm still paying for one of my brother's painting AND I've got a house purchase going through.  But if I could find a spare £1,650 before some rich South Hams-ite snaps it up with their spare change.........well it would be an investment wouldn't it?!!!

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  1. Very tranquil - a lovely piece to daydream alongside. Oh fo a lottery win, eh?