Thursday, 21 March 2013

Little Boydom's Last Stand

Here's Louis in my bed, the giveaway being that he isn't swathed in a Bart Simpson cover but something a little more tasteful. The reason  is that he's taken to sleeping with me rather a lot.  It's not always conducive to a good night's kip.  He's a duvet hogging, kicking, snoring supremo.  How someone so small can be so invasive is beyond me.

'Why are you allowing this?' I've been asked by more than one person.  Well, he's ten next week and growing fast. Lots of his little boy attributes have already gone.  He's a bit twitchy about kissing me or holding hands in public. Much loved books and toys have been cast aside because they're babyish and he's shooting up at a rate of knots, so  much so that his replacement trouser budget matches the GDP of a small African nation.  Soon he'll find that the idea of sharing a bed with his Mum is 'totally gross'.  So I'm enjoying the final throes of little boydom while it lasts!


  1. I am so glad you posted this! I do not believe children should sleep in their parents beds and have tried to discourage my sister in law from allowing that. BUT many years ago my almost 8 year old grandson started sleeping in my bed when he stays over on saturday nights. About 2 years ago his mom (my daughter in law) made such a fuss about it and told him he could not stay here any more if he slept with we finally got him to sleep in the spare bedroom. After a month or 2 he came back to my bed. We watch TV or a movie, talk, say our prayers and he goes to sleep. Hubby doesn't mind. It's a secret we know we have to keep to ourselves. I know he'll stop sleeping in my bed when he's ready. And I agree, I could get a much better night's sleep without listening to his heavy breathing or having his legs on top of me. For now I will just enjoy the kid he is and the love he has for his grandma!

  2. I love it. They grow out of it. Not an issue in other countries such as Japan I have been told. Small girl is in my bed more often than not especially when its cold. People comment but I care not. I plan on making the most of the cuddles and kisses. All too soon they get fewer and fewer.

  3. Good for you, they are not young for long so make the most of it and treasure the memories.