Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Made to Last

The air of miffedness  is upon me!  I furnished and equipped Lovelygrey Cottage pretty much from scratch last year and have had to fork out for replacement items already.  The sprung mattress on Lou's bunk bed , supposedly made for the very purpose of high rise sleeping, was mightily uncomfortable and hence that necessitated our trip from hell to Argos and beyond this weekend.  In hindsight, it was worth it.  My boy is now so much more snug on  his new, better than half price memory foam mattress.  Not an annoying lump or bump anywhere.   But yesterday I had to replace a year old ironing board too. Okay I'll admit I bought an economy version when kitting out the house but even so I had expected it to last a little longer before twisting itself into an irreparable heap.  It's heat resistant pad and spotty cover have been salvaged though.  You never know if they might come in handy!

What I like is stuff that lasts, that hopefully will give an lifetime of function and pleasure.   I read through some classifieds yesterday and found adverts for a two year old sofa and a swivel armchair from one of the most popular and heavily advertised and discounted furniture suppliers.  Both had bad signs or wear and tear including a creaky turning mechanism and tears in the fabric under the cushions.    Not so cheap methinks if an expensive item only gives a couple of years of use.

In a roundabout way I came across my very own utility tallboy in an image of an old brochure.  New, it cost £10, probably a princely sum in those postwar years of austerity.  To me?  Well, its price had appreciated fourfold when I fell in love with its simple design, usefulness and excellent craftmanship in our local Heart Foundation furniture shop.  Now here's something which I can almost guarantee will not be falling apart at any time soon!


  1. Oh, I love it's simple clean lines, and I agree - old things were definitely built to last.

  2. I have the exact same design of tallboy, rescued from a flat clearance skip and sanded and waxed. I agree, it is better made than most modern furniture