Monday, 4 March 2013

One for the Scrapbook of Ideas

Sometimes my blog is a place where I can preserve ideas that can be acted on at a later date.  And so it is with today's post that arose  from listening to  Radio 4's Soul Music, a series where contributors talk about what a particular song means to them.  The focus of this particular episode was an Irish Ballad called 'She Moved Through the Fair'.  I'd urge you to listen to this moving programme which is available long term on the BBC's i-player.  Three cheers once more for the tremendous value service that I get in return for my licence money!

What really inspired me was the story that a woman told about how a recording of her father singing the song was played in the crematorium as his own funeral.  It sounded as if it were an incredibly moving experience for all those who come to say their final goodbyes.  I've already shared my wishes for a cosy felt cocoon here .  Now I might as well start planning my farewell ceremony too.  Not that, I hasten to add, I'm planning on popping off soon.  There's so much else to do in my lifetime.  I haven't seen those big stone blokes on Easter Island yet.  But hey, you never know what's around the corner.

So now I'm loosening up those vocal chords in every echoey space in order that I too may give what may be my first and only ever solo performance apart from on the loo, on the bath or in the car.  I'd really would like to record my own farewell tune  if I can get to the point where I can muster up a seamfree rendition and before my voice goes all croaky. So, what will it be?   Well,  it's got to be an inspirational Leonard Cohen number.   I think I've know the perfect song for a send off.  Click on video above and see if you agree.

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