Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Pick Up Your Poo!

If the state of Culvercliffe Walk in Minehead is anything to go by, ignorant dog owners  definitely don't have the intelligence to decipher the flowery language that a literary wannabe in a council office somewhere in Somerset dreamed up.   The red circle with the picture of a pooch stepping away from his freshly created steaming turd doesn't even register with those dirty blighters who don't have half a brain cell to rub together!


  1. hi, love r blogg .please dont blame all dog oweners for mess. yesterday had to put my beloved rescue lurcher to sleep ,will go and clean villiage green in her memory.heather

  2. Bless you. I don't blame everyone. I applaud everyone who goes out armed with plastic bags and pooper scoopers. Very sad about your lurcher - will be a lovely thing to do in memory x