Sunday, 10 March 2013

Retro Mackerel Pate

Happy Mothering Sunday to you all.  I've enjoyed my flowers, a meal out and a homemade card and keyring from Louis.   He ate the chocolate gift himself though!  But I'm not going to talk about that.  Here's something entirely different for those who don't give two hoots about maternal celebrations.

Yonks ago I wrote about my treasured Stork recipe book and other vintage cookery titles.  I try not to be an opinionated person but will express a very firm view here.  If your cookbook shelf in the kitchen only contains titles by TV celebrity chefs then something is sadly lacking.  Go and have a dig around a charity shop  for some more obscure titles from yesteryear.  Ignore anything by Fanny Craddock or the Galloping Gourmet.  Just go for ones by ladies with sensible sounding names who probably were home economists by profession.

Here's one I forgot to mention in my previous post.  Cooking For Pleasure  by Margaret Fulton is a cracker despite being the 5,532,415th bestseller at Amazon.    Lots of lovely easy recipes from an era when spices and more unusual vegetables were just starting to become readily available.  On page 257, there's a  last minute pate made out of tinned salmon that's so good I've served it at Christmas.  I adapted it the other day to feed to the masses at work using a couple of tins of little mackerel. Here's my version

Take two drained cans of mackerel and a few anchovies,  Whizz in a food processor with 4oz butter and the juice of half a lemon and season to taste with ground pepper and a goodly glug of Worcester sauce.   Chill in the fridge until needed.   That's the entire recipe. Easy peasy it most certainly is.

I was going to illustrate this with a picture of all the ingredients in the food processor.  It wasn't as photogenic as this one of Mr Metrosexual though stuffing his face.  Far more lovely and in shot is my pottery terrine, bought for me by Nana and Grandpa Lovelygrey many Christmas ago from their local potter Michael Gaitskell who worked from a converted mill until his retirement in 2009.    Craft and cookery combined. What more could you want on a dreary Sunday evening?

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  1. There was the same issue with the chocolate here - I hardly got a look in on the Galaxy I was so kindly given...