Thursday, 14 March 2013

Swings, Roundabouts: Roundabouts, Swings

Photo: Bobbejaanland
Did you know that merry-go rounds traditionally turn clockwise in the UK but counter or anti-clockwise in the US? Just one of the amazing facts that I probably would never have picked up if I were not a blogger.

Yesterday morning I had intended to write about my new zest for life in today's post.  It's meant that for the last few weeks I've been on top form with two or three extra hours to day to spare.   This is because I'm going to bed later, rising earlier and managing with far less sleep than I seemed to have needed for ever such a long time.   I was going to be super smug and  tell you about how consistently productive I'm now being.

The major sound of  crashing and burning could be heard at Lovelygrey Cottage yesterday evening.  Exhaustion well and truly set in after a post work swim.   'But I must stay up so I can tell my bloggy audience how great I am'  was one of my thoughts.  'Now where's that A4 paper so I can knock up a big kusudama ball before midnight'   Damn these silly notions! Instead I snuggled up under a cosy duvet and succumbed to an eight thirty bedtime.  Whilst not the perkiest human being on the planet I'm a bit more  refreshed than I would have been burning the near midnight oil.  Perhaps I can use my newly kindled bit of vigour in the kitchen and prepare some healthy fare to get me through the day with a bit more va-va-voom!

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