Sunday, 17 March 2013


I'm starting to feel uber bored with my winter wardrobe.  In the olden days when I was more flush with cash and thrifting hadn't really taken hold I'd spend about five hundred pounds every six months on a seasonal update getting rid of things that I was tatty, worse for wear after careless laundering  or that I was just plain bored with.   Five hundred pounds!  Today that figure seems rather absurd.  But if my spending had remained the same I'd rather tempted to top up my Spring/Summer wardrobe with this Seasalt oilcloth coat......

......and this easy wear but elegant maxi dress by Pyrus from Atterley Road.  There's still a little over £200 left for my virtual spending spree.

I'm quite taken by the ruched Megan skirt and Milo top from Charli.  They look like they'd be things that I'd wear and wear.

And I'm a sucker for slouchy jumpers.  This cable knit one from Toast fits the bill rather nicely!

Budget blown!  But in reality the 2013 rules prevent spending on clothes and there's been no lapses so far in this area..  I'm anxious to show off that I can exercise willpower and for this to continue.  Hang on though!  I will have a complete new overhaul of my wardrobe in a few weeks when my summer gear comes out of storage.  Roll on the warmer weather when this can happen.

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