Tuesday, 12 March 2013

The Owl Gets the Cream

Maybe it's because I've banned most spending in 2013 that I've got a bit of a thing going on for jugs  I'm on the lookout in the charity shops for a few more of larger sized ones so I've the perfect excuse to have a bit of a rummage still.  They're so useful for storing stuff in the fridge and are jolly good for serving at the table as well.  But hey, you don't need a lesson from me on how to use an everyday kitchen utensil!

The big one is, of course, a Cornishware T.G. Green,  bought new in Trago Mills when they had a batch of the manufacturer's stuff in last year.   I've got a tactility thing going on with the ridged blue and white stripey surface. The others cost no more than a couple of quid.  There's the J&G Meakin Tulip Jug and  a Rayware blue cutesy, again with a bit of texture to run my fingers against.  And my latest acquisition is a kitsch West Highland Pottery jug decorated with transfer print grouse.  Just right for the water with the whiskey if I ever let bottles of spirits into my house ever again.

My favourite though is this  supersmooth, lithesome warm beige Holkham Pottery Owl Eye jug that could have been made at any time between 1951 and 1997 when manufacture  took place at Holkham Hall, a stately home in Norfolk.   Apparently it was the first to have its own pottery to supply the gift shop.   That harks back from the time when country houses had be innovative and think of money making things to survive.   A quick browse around Ebay shows that much of the stuff made at Holkham have a similar fluid theme.

This one was a snip at £1.50 and well worth straying from my usual blue crockery colour scheme!  Just the right size for storing pouring cream in the fridge and keeping it away from stray cats looking for a treat!

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  1. I love Holkham pottery, having grown up in Norfolk. Your jug is lovely

    I love Trago too, if ever in the west country, I make a point of visiting and bagging a bargain