Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The Start of a Bit of Art

Photo: Alison Deggan
'Make me a picture of a cat' commanded Dr Betty the clinical psychologist that I work with.  She really can be rather masterful or is the word mistressful?  This must go down a storm in her therapy sessions.

The observant among you will notice that the picture to one side of this writing isn't a cat.  It's actually a linocut of Hardraw Force, the highest in England.  I didn't know that and thought that Hardacre, or perhaps Hardy to his friends, was the name of the uber cool person who produced it. In fact it's by someone called Alison Deggan who sells her work through Folksy at rather reasonable prices.  Sadly this particular print has sold out.

What I like about it is how the different things in the landscape are differentiated by patterning.  It's something I wanted to try and replicate in my first piece of lino cut without a tutor from the Double Elephant Print Workshop guiding my progress.

Here's another picture but there's still no cat.  You can search all you like but still won't find one.  This is one of my own photos taken after a night of revelry with my seafaring friend Salty Dog.  Occasionally a couple of times a year she comes ashore in Plymouth and this is the view from the room where I slept.  I like the rows and rows of rooftops and thought that I could incorporate a similar, albeit simplified, landscape into my own artistic creation.  The plan is to show the different lines of buildings using different patterning like the picture above.  Clever eh!

And here's my idea.  At last there's the requested moggy .  It's not my usual subject matter.  I'm more of a seascape kind of gal.

I'm not sure I like the soft cut stuff that I'm working on.  It's much harder to draw on that proper lino.  Hey!  wait just  a  cotton picking moment.  It's just dawned on me that I  ordered proper hessian backed tiles on Ebay and have now emailed the seller to come up with a solution.  Working with another nine sheets of this stuff would be a nightmare.

I hope to start my cutting tonight.  That's if I get the bathroom clean, do all the ironing, sort out paperwork for the house purchase etc., etc.  I'll give you a progress update once my template is cut!

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