Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Thought for the Day: Aargh! Chemicals

This offering is going to make me sound  like a right royal grumpbag but truly, I'm far from it.  My happiness levels are higher than they've been for a very long time.  Work is manageable, good things are happening in my home life and there's plenty to look forward to.   So then, I feel perfectly entitled to the occasional niggle or two to disturb my  paradise.

Here's one. Why do people talk about how dreadful it is to put chemicals on their skin, home on inside their bodies when in fact everything around us is molecular or elemental anyway, including our own bodies?  This clumsy language is one of the things that causes ructions in my perfect little world.  I'd like it to stop now.  Either I'd like the culprits to use more defined terminology or go and live in a vacuum somewhere where none of those nasty chemicals can touch them!

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