Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Total Pinko Leftie Hypocrite

Just to prove that the world is not a places where decisions are  black and white, we're having Louis coached for his 11 plus.  There I've 'fessed up and said it!  I had always hoped that he might attend the local comprehensive but our experience of his junior school's response to his diagnosis of a Specific Learning Difficulty (SpLD) has been rather lacklustre.  Because he is bright and getting by they have pooh-poohed the suggestion that anything much needs to be done.  His Dad and I are afraid that, in a mixed ability high school, the same attitude might prevail, whereas  other parents with children of the same ilk have found that the grammar school takes account of the learning needs associated with this group of children who can err towards geekiness.  After all these educators have got their exam performance scores to maintain.

There's more than a hint of guilt involved with this process.  It goes right against my egalitarian political beliefs.  Surely it's wrong for those, like us, who can afford to pay the not insubstantial fees for tuition, to buy the advantage of more choice in education. At least in my day, exam practice to gain entry to the selective schools was part of our primary classroom experience.

What errs me towards thinking that I might be doing the right thing?  Well, in spite of his difficulties Louis' doing well in the mock exam.  It's only the English that we've really got to work on.   The tuition is having a knock on effect on his everyday schoolwork and in the main he's enjoying his extra homework.  It's boosted his self belief in a way that his sporty school hasn't managed to do.  Hey! you just try and do your best for your kids.  Funnily enough, we've found some surprisingly lefty supporters who're with us on this one.


  1. It's a natural instinct to do what you think is best for your children, and one that overrides other things.It's all about choice, and money can facilitate those choices, but it's not impossible for those with less to do the same/ similar in order to gain the best education they can for their children. I chose to forego things to move house to the catchment area of a good school (not only is it a happy place, their SATS results were in the top 20 for the country last year). KL's boyfriend and his sister were privately educated - that was paid for by their working single Mum and their gran, who did without other things to pay for it, because they thought it was the best thing.It's good to hear that Louis is enjoying the extra work , and that his self-belief is growing.

  2. I don't understand Lefties and Righties. Politics shouldn't come into it when a childs future is at stake. Every parent should do as they think fit.

  3. It's about your son not you!! I am of leftwards thinking but did exactly the same as you are doing now, I justified it to myself by thinking it wasn't his political viewpoint but mine but it was his life and I didn't ought to push my politics on his life. Which is as left as it gets in some situations.

  4. My mum used to say every parent does the best they can for their children - and every child has different needs (e.g. my sister and I, six years apart, went to different secondary schools).
    Don't feel the guilt - be proud to be doing the best for Louis!