Thursday, 11 April 2013

Art: Saying It As It Is

The current exhibition at the Devon Guild of Craftsmen  is a collection of jewellery created by British and Australian designers around the theme of transformation.  The organisers of this travelling body of work describe it thus.

Each has their own experience of cultural, familial, and artistic transplantation of one sort or another.  Each has drawn on those experiences to create work which is powerful, engaging and thought-provoking, and which we hope will encourage viewers to reflect seriously on the topic and consider how it relates to themselves.

Blimey! That's a bit deep and furthermore a bit hard to do when you're visiting with a slight accident prone ten year old who keeps disappearing into the shop area, choc a bloc with fragile loveliness.  I'll have to save my navel gazing for another more peaceful day.  However from the perspective of visual impact without investigating their deeper meaning I did greatly admire these multi-media pieces by Jack Cunningham for their visual effect, exquisite workmanship and originality.

But there you have the beauty of art and craft.  It can be appreciated at so many different levels including at my own rather low brow perspective! To be honest I find some of the language explaining artist's ideas a bit bewildering.  Then again they'd probably find my descriptions of the world described, say, in the language of occupational therapy somewhat perplexing too!

So, I've no idea what these gorgeous fishy objects signify but think that they could provide inspiration for my own creative endeavours in the future.

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