Sunday, 7 April 2013

Bed: Day 3 and Still Counting

I didn't post yesterday because I was too blooming busy.  God bless my housewife friend who thought that it should be easy just to conjure up time for exercise and the like out of thin air!  On most days there's barely time to breathe.

Since physics intervened and my futon bed came crashing down in a twisted heap  I've been sleeping on my mattress on the floor.  Comfortable enough but no good for counteracting the snuffles caused by low lying dust particles.  So last week I finally forked out for the ottoman bed that I've been coveting  from a company whose website said that, for an extra thirty five quid, they'd assemble the bed. They omitted to say that they only do this for a few of the products that they sell.  Dishonest yes, but I didn't have the will to cancel the order and go elsewhere.

You know how it is.  Sometimes you have an idea in your mind about how a day is going to pan out.  So on Friday I was going to have the motorhome MOT-ed, assemble the bed in a couple of hours with Louis' help, source a strange ingredient needed for Saturday night's dinner and go to the latest  exhibition at the Devon Guild of Crafts.  Except it didn't turn out that way.  Apart from scurrying to the garage twice to drop off and pick up the van I was confined to the house waiting for a delivery that didn't arrive until 5:30pm.

After two hours of intensive and lone assemblage with no end in sight, I came downstairs to find that Louis had, reconstructed an exact replica of a wintery day  in the Somme in my living room out of the packaging material, snow included that had been improvised from broken up polystyrene.  I fell knackered onto the sofa and there I slept until Saturday morning when I put in another hour of activity peppered with bad language before I had to pop out for an appointment.   Three more hours of work later  in the day, I  finally had a bed that my dinner guests, who stayed over, could christen.  Yay! I can finally  tuck my bulky Quechua 4.2 tent out of sight.

However, the hydraulic bits and bobs that lifts the slatted mattress support still need to be sorted out today.  Whoever invented flatpack needs shooting.  I've decided though it's not too soon to show off my  lovely new bed.  You'll have to make to with the image from the advertising material and not one of my exact bed. There really is no time for impromptu photo shoots!

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