Thursday, 25 April 2013

Can I Have Pudding?

Here's my ultimate dessert dream from childhood, an illustration from The Cat in the Hat Beginner Book Dictionary, a very well thumbed volume from my early years and still available now.  This funny clever book would be an ideal gift for the little peeps in your life.  But enough of the free advertising that will benefit the beneficiaries of the estate of my beloved and dearly departed Dr Seuss, today's subject is puddings!

I'm being remarkably good at recording both my food intake and exercise onto the myfitnesspal website even on the days where my calorie intake goes horrifically over allowance.  On Monday I had a incy wincy blowout and was told, in no uncertain terms, that if I continued eating like this on a day to day basis I'd be four pounds over my starting weight in five weeks!  Sobering stuff that put me back on track.

In order to eat a little more I'm upping the exercise.  Yesterday was a good day. Ninety minutes of exercise and half hour of swimming meant that I could pretty well eat what I liked during the day and keep within target.  There was a piece of lemon drizzle cake at lunchtime and I added a serving of hash browns to last night's tea of pan fried venison and vegetables.   After my culinary blow out I totted up my day's total calories and was surprised to find that there was 209 calories remaining.  Enough for dessert but not on the gargantuan scale of this little bear's ice cream cone!

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