Saturday, 27 April 2013

Clean As A Whistle

In these modern times decluttering doesn't just apply to objects in the physical realm.  We have a virtual realm too.  Wow!  Imagine if you'd have said that thirty years ago.  The listener would have thought a) you were highly spiritual or b) darn right potty with knobs on.

I might have mentioned in the past that, by assessing the level of chaos and disorder around me, even a casual observed can gain a pretty good idea of what's going on in my head.  Spin and span?  All is well in the Lovelygrey noggin whereas when the opposite applies it's a good predictor that I'm more troubled.  Interestingly this is a chicken and egg scenario.  Mess makes me muddled and muddle makes me messy.

With that here's some techniques that I use when compos mentis that are useful in retaining inward and outward order.  I try and catch up on these after I've gone through a spell when my mind is less sound!

  • Observe how clean, shiny and uncluttered my inbox is.  I keep it that way so I can easily see new stuff that I have to act on.
  • I've amalgamated my email so that all the stuff from my different accounts goes into one box....except that is NHS mail.
  • I unsubscribe from stuff I've picked up accidentally on the way, try to act on important stuff immediately and transfer other bits and pieces to the files I've set up on the right of my mail screen.
  • The current file is for stuff that I can't act on immediately or for things where I need to check that something that I think is going to happen will happen.  It's where I keep invoices for things that I've bought until the postie's delivered them to Lovelygrey Cottage.  I'll delete this stuff after I've acted upon it or save it somewhere else.
  • I try to remember to label photos that I download from my camera so that I can find them by subject again.
  • I set up files for documents and am in the process of moving them to Google Drive so that they can be accessed from anywhere.
  • My desktop isn't cluttered up with icons, the hi-tech equivalent of dirty coffee cups and piles of paper on a traditional workspace.
  • I keep a check on those Facebook Apps that I've somehow subscribed to which camouflage more interesting posts from my friends and delete those I don't want or need anymore. 
  • I label my blog posts so that I can refer to my earlier ones when I need to.
There! That's my virtual world sorted out.  Now let's come back to reality and sort out that very real pile of ironing in the corner of the room!

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  1. Funny that you should post this one. I was helping someone physically declutter yesterday (a bit of a hoarder) and commented that I feel I have become a virtual hoarder. I occasionally get asked to housesit and take the opportunity to cull photos on my laptop as I am a "take a a dozen shots just to get THE right one" kind of gal...... they soon mount up and slow the machine down.

    Good to see that you are nearer to house purchase.