Sunday, 14 April 2013

Covet Ye Not!

I was earwigging in the charity shop on Friday and overheard the assistant talking to another customer who was outlining her creative endeavours with some relish.  'You might like this then'.  She lifted something off a shelf and showed it to the lady.  Now I know crafting treasure trove when I see it and I kicked myself for not spotting it before it was almost certainly going to be  snapped up by another buyer.  After all how could anyone restrict such a bargain.

'Oh no, dear, that's far too expensive'. I couldn't believe my ears. Before anyone else could pounce I pretty much bowled the poor volunteer over as I  thrust the money at her.

What have I got?  Only eighty six  6 x 5 inch samples of hand loomed dupion silk  in almost every conceivable shade that's what at under five pence a piece!  It's a  sample book produced in 1998 by the Scottish company, Isle Mill Ltd, an old family company who've been weaving up in the Northern reaches for over 200 years.

What am I going to do with this brilliant find?  Well I'm in two minds as to whether to leave it intact as a colour mixing resource or use the individual pieces of fabric for either one great big piece or loads of little projects. I just frightfully glad that I'm the person who's having to solve this mighty dilemma as the booty is in my hands!


  1. I had one of those sample books about 15 years ago - forty 4" squares of linen in a myriad of colours. I used about half of them for tiny cross stitch designs which I mounted in aperture cards. Your post has reminded me that the remainder must be in a box in the loft. I should retrieve them and find a good use.

    But dupion silk? that's a whole new ball elegant patchwork throw...linings for some tiny purses...floral corsages...

    Have lots of fun! xx

  2. How wonderful,you are lucky ,a lovely quilt would be my choice Jan xx