Monday, 22 April 2013

Days Out in Devon: Lydford Gorge

I have well and truly failed my bloggy audience in England and Wales!  Had I have been on the ball earlier I would have told you that, for the weekend that's just passed  by, you could have got a voucher from the Internet that allowed free access for four people to the vast majority of the National Trust's properties.  What can I say except that I'm truly sorry and I'll try and be more timely and remind you before the event, which seems to be an annual one, in 2014.

Being on speaking terms with my ex is jolly useful.  I managed to tell him about the deal so that he  could take Louis on an exploratory jaunt.  On Saturday, they headed off to  Saltram and spotted fifteen mice hidden around the house.  He loves a good puzzle, does my son.   It was only left to me to decide how I'd use my own voucher on Sunday. I considered Greenway, Agatha Christie's former abode on the banks of the Dart and Coleton Fishacre, an Arts and Craft style pad.  In the end I decided to forsake admiring old chairs, get some fresh air into my lungs and find a place where I could really impact on myfitnesspal calorie and exercise counting regime.  As an aside I'd like to proudly announce that I lost three pounds last week.

So we trooped across to the other side of Dartmoor from where we live with Mini Miss Wannamaker in tow. At this stage my son would like to stress that she is not his girlfriend, just a friend.  Those hormones have thankfully not quite kicked in yet.

The attraction consists of a three mile round walk with the 30m White Lady waterfall at one end and the Devil's Cauldron at t'other.  More on that in a moment.  In between there's an eerie landscape of greenery and slippery slidey rock that assaults the senses.    Kids need to wear waterproof footwear on a visit here.  The temptation to explore on the waterside boundaries is just too much.   Here's Louis at a point where the river seemed to boom. The kids said that it sounded like someone doing a poo.  If you visit perhaps you'd like to pick an alternative metaphor.

And so to the highlight of the visit, the Devil's Cauldron,that are the subject of a Mad Dog McRea song .  This series of wildly bubbling whirlpools is reached along a scary iron platform through dark rocky chasms carved out by water in the rocks.  We visited on a calm day but a picture in the information centre showed how ferociously that cauldron can bubble after rain.  The devil's work indeed!

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  1. I looked for a free day out, but there was nowhere near me, and I didn't fancy travelling and paying for the petrol. Looks interesting where you were.