Tuesday, 16 April 2013

I Saw Him First!

How do you take stock when everything gets a bit too demanding at the office?  Never fear:  Lovelygrey is here!   I have the perfect solution.  Go and get a nice big cuppa, minimise whatever document you're working on and stare at your Gerard Butler screensaver!  A patchwork of six, yes six!, of the luscious images seen before you adorn my work laptop and I can guarantee that they bring a smile to my face even after I've had to deal with some of the most fraught situations imaginable.  It's the eyes, mouth, broad shoulders and even that little wisp of wet hair appearing from behind his ear that requires taming!

Dr Betty, my lovely friend and eminent clinical psychologist, was rather taken by this sixfold vision of masculine perfection and was 'overcome with the urge to lick the screen'.  What would Freud think of that! I told her sternly to back off because I'd bag-sied him years ago.  If you've just discovered the fine attributes of Gerard as, quite justifiably, he's everywhere at the moment, remember he's mine as I saw first.  Catch up with the great 2004 film 'Dear Frankie' if you need proof that he's been around for yonks! But remember whilst watching.  No doubt the dusky stranger has a penchant for prematurely grey women!


  1. I think Gerrard is much admired by women of all ages. My 22 year old daughter has been smitten with him since she was 18. Not really my cup of tea, though, so you're safe there.

  2. He is gorgeous. Definately my cup of tea.

  3. He's lovely.
    And gay.....

    In my dreams x