Tuesday, 2 April 2013

IDS: I'll Do It If You Do But Not For Long!

Photo:  Brian Minkoff - London Pixels 
Thank's for all my kind birthday wishes yesterday.  I had a great day.

However, I missed the Today programme where the Work and Pensions Secretary, Iain Duncan Smith, said that if he had to live on £53 a week, he'd do it.  Given his Officer class background, I believe that if he has any idea what this would entail he would back out sharpish and retract those glib words.   Having been brought up in a family, who would no doubt be condescendingly termed as 'the deserving poor'  in these hard times, given that both my mother and father worked for a pittance, I  have had insight into what it's like to go without.  Again, after university I lived on a salary that was enough to feed and house me but wasn't enough to allow me to pay for dental treatment or visit friends and family when I liked.  Let me tell you IDS, it isn't a picnic living on the breadline!

He might respond to the challenge set to him by the petitioners, me included, on the change.org website.  that commits him to living on this paltry sum.   I'll happily join him for a carefully planned week of frugality.   That is after I've filled the car with diesel first so that I can do my job!  I already know that any longer than this, in a life where unexpected expenditure comes along, would be a miserable nerve wracking experience!

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  1. The media have blown this story up out of all proportion. I listened to a discussion on the radio about it yesterday. IDS has lived on the breadline, he wasn't always well off. Nobody has to live on £53 a week, it is topped up with benefits. Not defending him, but you have to look at the bigger picture.