Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Masa Bloody Harina!

Photo: Tim Fields
For two reasons, last week the delectable fellow greyling, Paul Hollywood, nearly got knocked off the imaginery podium that I've built for my favourite male celebrities.  The first is obvious.  Have you seen that lush judge, Patrick Grant, on the Great British Sewing Bee?  I'm not usually the type that goes for sartorially elegant men but even I know perfection when I see it!

The second is far more serious as  Paul is charged with using an incredibly difficult to find ingredient on his latest BBC series, Bread. I scoured the land for stoneground cornflour, masa harina, an essential shopping list item needed to make the tortilla towers  featured in the second episode. Well okay I exaggerate.  My hunting ground was just vast swathes of Plymouth city centre and beyond, out to Sainsburys at Marsh Mills. I ended up buying a substitute in the shop of a kindly and knowledgeable lady bedecked in a head scarf.  She said that what she was selling me what probably not the right stuff and wouldn't be fine enough to roll out.  Boy, was she right!  Tasty little polenta type cakes yes but not paper thin tortilla.

Paul has just about redeemed himself though and can climb back on his winner's perch.  The chicken and roasted salsa components of the recipe are easy and mouthwateringly delicious. They stand alone as superb dishes in their own right.

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