Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Not Rocket Science

My intermittent fasting diet is dead, at least for the time-being.  Though it's worked for others I know I got too hungry through this chilly winter on the restricted calorie days and ended up filling up with stodge at the day's end.  Surprise, surprise I didn't lose any weight and I really need too.  Aside from when I was pregnant I am the heaviest that I've ever been.  That does not bode well if I'm going to be in with a chance to tempt Gerard Butler with my feminine grey allure.  I offer something different to all those super model types who must usually surround him so have got to be in with a chance if my belly isn't dragging along the floor.

I've decided to revisit a dieting technique that's worked in the past, namely recording calories in and out. A no-brainer really.  If I don't eat enough to maintain weigh those hard scientific principles mean that it's certain that I'll lose those pounds of flesh at a  rate that would satisfy Shylock.  

I've used a subscription service in the past who've provided me with a food and exercise diary.  This time I'm using MyFitnessPal .  Check it out. It's free!  I've opted for a very reasonable goal of 1lb a week weight loss and hope to be svelte and seductive before Christmas is upon us once again.

I've adopted a nifty trick to make things easier and keep me on track.  My activity level is pitched at the most sloth-like setting available where even reaching out for the TV remote control looks like a workout.  That way my daily calorie intake is  initially low but with just a little bit of exercise it increases to a level  where treats are allowed or that energy deficit goes towards a little more weight loss for the week.  And where does that intermittent fasting malarkey fit in?  Well, once I've reached my target weight I'll consider using it again as a maintenance diet.

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