Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Shoe-bee, Doo-bee, Doo!

The potential of a return to my long distance hiking days looks ever more hopeful.  I'm now into week three of getting used to my customised inserts, made by the good folk at Foot Solutions to overcome the symptoms of Morton's neuroma and correct my dodgy gait that's developed as a consequence of trying to avoid the intense pain that the condition causes.  All arches are properly supported and my first impression was that I was falling outwards.  That's because I've got used to trying to protect myself from that OUCH! feeling by weightbearing on the big toe side of my foot.  I've felt achy muscles in unusual places, presumably because bits and pieces are being worked that had got used to being a little lazy.  A walk on an uneven surface proved a little hairy as my balance was out of kilter. There's a teeny analogy with learning to toddle all over again.

Maria commented on my last post to say that she had inserts from Foot Solutions and even though there were a few 'niggles' she'd seen vast improvements in pain levels since they'd been made. She also mentioned the matter of the price of the shoes sold at their shops.  Unless you have the wealth of a minor shipping magnate you're unlikely to go mad in there!  I've managed to source a pair of Brook's trainers a bit more reasonably.  £95 in the shop but mine for just over £75 online.

So why didn't I just make do with my old running shoes? Well, there's the small matter of being limited in choice to where the customised insole fits.  It's going to make footwear buying a process that's  requires a bit of forethought!  What I'd thought I'd do though is start a list here of brands of shoes that I find where the ranges include styles that might be suitable.  I'll add to this as  I discover others.  Feel free to let me have your suggestions too!

Doc Martens
Earth Spirit
El Naturalista

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  1. Certain styles of Clarks and Fatface shoes can be added to the list!