Monday, 8 April 2013

That's Cheating!

As I  mentioned it was the 48th birthday I nearly forgot last week.  Time methinks for some jiggerypokery with my 2013 spending rules to get a few treats to mark the occasion.  Rather cunningly I bought my lovely bro' a Grayson Perry coffee table beauty for his special day that falls less than a week before my own.  In return,  Learning Linocut , yes! a forbidden book will be winging its way to Lovelygrey Cottage shortly.   How cunning is that!  All those years of tax planning for the rich, learning to manipulate legislation were not in vain.

There's more naughtiness as some new clothes have slipped into the wardrobe too! Had I been in the garden of Eden with Eve I don't think I would have lasted as long as her before being expelled for shinning up that apple tree and stuffing my face with forbidden fruit!  I spent some of my birthday month on clothes, a temptation that I hadn't previously succumbed to.  I'm rather tenuously justifying this spend on the fact that they've been bought with cash that I didn't earn myself.  I don't think that I'd have a hope in hell of this standing up in court!  Anyway here's my £14 grey marl maxi dress from ASDA.  It's such a simple flattering design that I'll know I'll wear and wear it.  It was purchased with a jumper for a tenner.  This replaces some that have had unfortunate washing accidents recently.  Really, I'm no Mrs Tiggywinkle when it comes to laundry.  Still if forbidden clothes buys for the year stay under the hundred pound mark I'll be dead chuffed!

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  1. I like the look of the dress very much. I think I may have to check out my local Asda. It looks really versatile- tights, boots and a woollie in cooler weather, pumps and a light cardi in warmer weather ( if we get any!)