Thursday, 18 April 2013

That's What I Can Do With Them!

I'm on about the bed that collapsed again, a self modified futon that refused to defy the fundamental laws that govern the life, universe and Lovelygrey Cottage.  My new one, thank's very much for asking is very comfortable indeed now it's finally been assembled. So comfy in fact that, at this very moment, it's been used as my early morning home office in defiance of the sleep hygiene rules made up by an archaic sleep specialist.

I'm left though with a set of beautiful turned legs, not my own pins I hasten to add.  Mine are rather, let's say, sturdy.  I'm never been a leg man's girl.  No, these are the ones that survived, and indeed were the cause of, the catastrophic night time chaos that resulted a four month spell of sleeping on the floor.  I've been thinking about how I could  re-use them for a  make that's rather more robust.   I think I've come up with just the thing, found on the 'TwistedSifter' website.  Just the job in a vintage style home.  Mama and Papa Lovelygrey, do you have that old grey suitcase that's been knocking about since my childhood?  I think that I might have a use for it!


  1. They are fantastic, love them. They are useful and also look like robots so double the fun!

  2. How on earth are the legs attached? Happy sleeping on the new bed.
    Love from Mum