Thursday, 4 April 2013

Using Your L.O.A.F.(E.R.)!

Had my pictures from yesterday's trip to Kingsbury Water Park been any good I would be writing about that today. However they were cack, even though our day out wasn't.  The highlight was a ride on the Echill's Wood miniature railway that runs around the site. It's appears that it's  largely  run by a group of retired chaps who been chased out of the house by their wives.  A man creche perhaps?

So then, let's think then of another topic now we've landed safe and sound back in Devon.  I know; I'll talk about a thoroughly useful acronym that Thrift Deluxe brought to my attention when I angsted about my shopping habits..  It could just be the guidance that I need to make sure that I shop as ethically as possible.

A little bit of research has suggested that the Christian Ecology Link came up with L.O.A.F to guide the choice of food at church gatherings.  It stands for food that is Locally Sourced, Organically Grown, Animal Friendly and Fairtrade  and the organisation suggests that one or more of  these principles might be used to plan communal meals.  Even though I'm not a Christian myself I'm happy to borrow good ideas from others and it seems a pretty sound plan for ethical spending that  individuals of any creed might like to adopt.  And you can  add Ecologically Sound and Reduced, Reused, or Recycled to make L.O.A.F.E.R. and extent those altrustic aims beyond shopping for groceries!  For those who want to take this literally these Fairtrade, Sustain-ably resourced shoes produced by soleRebels  with their recycled car tyre souls could really fit the bill!

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  1. Well there you go, I never knew that's where LOAF originated. I like the idea of being a LOAFERRR.

    I was treated to a sympathetic smile today by a delivery guy. We'd ordered some shampoo and stuff from Ethical Superstore and they packaged it up in a natracare "ultra pads with wings" box. Sometimes recycling can go too far!