Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Weight Loss While You Work!

Another two pounds lost with the home of the free myfitnesspal  food and exercise log!   This method really does work for me.  Remember when I talked about tallying up my calorie count to see if I could have a pudding?  Well, there was another day where I'd blown out a bit at work and had to exercise hard before I had enough calories left for rather a meagre supper!

There's another upside to this diet business.  My house is looking more spick and span than usual because, instead of forking out on gym membership, I'm counting exercise as housework alongside the cycling,swimming and walking.  Oh, there was a rather half hearted jog too rendered less vigourous than intended as I'd forgotten to wear my new sports bra!

So back to the chores and how much energy is burned whilst doing them.  It depends on your weight and, of course the effort expended but a swift reccie around the web suggests that cleaning uses about 200 calories an hour, using my manual lawnmower burns up a whopping 325 calories every sixty minutes  and even something relative namby pamby like ironing uses about 100 calories hourly.  Further evidence comes from our forebears. The good old fashioned man tending housewife 50 years ago was much more trim than her counterpart today and she didn't go to the gym or attempt to knock her eyes out whilst breaking sweat in unsuitable underwear!

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